Dev Retro 2022 - End Of Another Chapter Of Life

Dev Retro 2022 - End Of Another Chapter Of Life

My 2022 journey as a developer.


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2021, one of the best years of my life just ended and I was all in for a brand new adventure. 2021 was more of a learning year, I learnt a lot of things including mobile development, web development and much more.

I've thought myself how to code all through self study. After a couple of udemy courses and a million different YouTube videos, I knew the very basics of full stack development and could actually do something myself.

The Beginning (January Month)

Starting out, January was actually a really special month for me. After winning a competition held by Sonny Sangha last Decemeber, I won one of the prizes and got in to his Zero To Full Stack Hero course for completely free. I was super excited about this one and also I wanted to join this course for a while, so I spend the full month going through different course lessons and coaching calls.

The Turning Point (February Month)

February was the most amazing month of year. I think I can even consider February as one turning point for my life. Hashnode started February with a bang. Hashnode was hosting a new hackathon partnering with Netlify. I couldn't be more excited, I saw the introduction post and thought to myself, I am going to build something and possibly win it as well.

I had just turned 15 last year and 2000$ was life changing money for me. So, that was how I built Wordable. I spent my entire month building, every night I did nothing else but coding. So after about 3 weeks I had completed the whole project. I wrote my first blog post and it was up. The article was even featured on Hashnode but inside my mind, I was always thinking if I will win or not.

Introducing Wordable - The Better Wordle ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸจโฌ›

The Big Win (March Month)

It was already March and I was busy refreshing the Hashnode townhall page like 100 times a day hoping that the winners would be announced at any time.

Well, that day finally came. On March 18th 2022 the results were up and I was a Winner. I seriously couldn't be more happier. That was one of the biggest wins and turning points in my life so far.

Also I built something for Hasura hackathon on March as well but I didn't have much hopes on it because I had exams that month and I had to do the project in a rush.

Another Turning Point ? (April Month)

This month was honestly a roller-coaster of events. Lot of amazing things happened this month. First of all I won the Hasura Hackathon. I couldn't believe my eyes, this was my second hackathon win in a row ! Meanwhile Astro announced their first ever hackathon which I was very excited about so I started building something. At the end of the month, I had built Astro Auth which was a complete auth solution for Astro.

At the end of the month, something interesting happened. Without me even knowing I had got in to freelancing.

The Other Big Win (May Month)

On May, I was continuing my freelance work participating some more hackathons and also I won the Astro Hackathon. This was another MASSIVE win for me.

Nothing really interesting happened in rest of the year, I participated to almost every Hashnode hackathon after that but I didn't unfortunately win any, but I kept doing more freelancing projects and I wrote some articles to Medusa.

What About 2023 ?

For me personally, I had an awesome 2022 and I am planning to keep that up in 2023 as well. Here are some of my plans for 2023.

  • Launch a brand new SaaS product.

  • Scale up my freelancing business through fiverr and other platforms.

  • Participate in Hackathons.

  • Write for more guest writing programs and write more articles in general.

Final Notes

Finally, I am thankful to everyone who supported me in any way and especially Hashnode since Hashnode is probably the reason I've came a long way this year.